Die Drei ??? und Das Dorf der Teufel


the devils' village

I am very happy that this book happened: not only did I enjoy spending time with the three investigators Justus, Peter and Bob (again), but also for having a chance to keep on developing my style and skills to do this great franchise and a single awesome story by authors Ivar Leon Menger and John Beckman justice.

As you might notice by comparing the two books, I could convince my editors to go for more than one color this time and I am quite pleased with this step and the depth I could add to the pretty eerie setting. My friend Asja Wiegand again provided fantastic lettering and this time even the balloons, and my colleague and partner in crime Stefan Dinter layouted the whole thing beautifully as usual!

But enough about the people behind the book. What's going on inside? Well, this time the boys help their friend Morton (a chauffeur, driving a classy Rolls-Royce) to find his lost friend Daniel. They follow his leads which brings them to a secluded community way up high in the mountains. The villagers appear to be friendly and welcoming, but unfortunately there's no trace of Daniel to be found. As Justus, Peter, Bob and Morton decide to dig deeper, they find out, they might not be as welcome as they thought....

It's always tough to choose, what to present of a story, so I just give you some examples of panels and pages that give you a taste but hopefully won't spoil any twists and turns, of which I promise you this story has a plenty. So enjoy and thanks for your attention!

Ich und Brot.jpg

In 2018 DIE DREI ??? & DAS DORF DER TEUFEL won the prestigious

MAX & MORITZ Award in the Comics for Young Adults/ Kids section!