RITUAL DER SCHLANGEN Fertig 300 dpi.jpg

This is a big one for me! The third graphic novel I did for the Three Investigators series aka Die drei ??? (as they are called in Germany). I wrote and conceived this third installment with my colleague CALLE CLAUS, who not only provided the funniest dialogues but also an excellent page-breakdown which made my work much easier.

This time Justus, Peter and Bob are invited to a strange ceremony held by the professional witch Daphne De Vol and her granddaughter Claire. Three serpents anticipate the ceremonie’s guests future and fate. But the ritual is disturbed by foreshadowing chaos, tears and the end of the world. Next thing the three detectives know a burglar invades the witches’ mansion and kidnaps the precious snakes. Without the animals a cleaning ritual to prevent the dark prophecy is impossible. Although the kidnapper asks for a high ransom Daphne and Claire deny any help. It is Justus aunt Mathilda, a friend to the witch, who hires the three investigators’ services. Will Justus and his colleagues solve the case in time? ….. Of course they will :D As they always do. But why not read for yourself or get a few impressions of my latest work here :)

This book again was lettered by Asja Wiegand and the layout was done by my partner in crime Stefan Dinter.