The artist TAIKA is also my sister and when I first heard her song GLOW instantly the images you will be able to see once you click on the video below popped up in my mind. I asked designer Anja Sturm to help me with the masks I envisioned, and what can I say? She nailed it perfectly! We shot the video in two days in Marburg in an empty theater provided to us by the nice and warm people of German Stage Service Marburg. Without the clever eye of camera director Notker Mahr and Sabine Mahr-Haigis sense for timing and editing, this short movie wouldn't have the touch I wanted it to have, I am sure. For all the credits, watch the video. Producing and planning, as well as directing this piece was one of the nicest experiences I had in the last years. So many talented people involved. I am very happy about the result and the time spend on it.

Here are some pictures Anja took while we were filming. Please not only check out her blog Miau Smiles but also the further music by Taika. It's for the melancholy hopeful.