THE BIGGEST PARTY IN THE WORLD (Das größte fest der Welt) is a comic I have written for The Young Museum, Frankfurt, former Museum for Children. The Museum approached us at Zwerchfell, asking us to create a line of comics dealing with important events of Frankfurt's history, told suitable for children. They asked us especially to come up with a way to deliver interesting facts and informations without being too explanatory, as a school book would do. So for the first edition, which retells the coronation of the german emperor in 1742, I decided to make it the story of an adventure three very different friends share, in order to be part of the festivities surrounding said coronation, which in fact really was something like: the biggest party in the world, at least back then. I found a great artist in friend and colleague Annelie Wagner whose style works perfectly for the story. You should check out Annelie's other projects and art over here and her other project Kletschmore there!