Neue Ufer - Nouveaux Rivages

I am happy to be part of an illustrated exchange programme by the Goethe Institute Paris: From May to December 2017 I will be sharing illustrated thoughts and facts about my hometown Frankfurt am Main, the awesome Sara Quod of Lyon being my counterpart doing the same about Lyon, the city she lives in. Frankfurt and Lyon are sister cities and it's fun to see what they have in common and more so: what not. :)  Neue Ufer (New coasts) is published in the Goethe Institute's e-magazine and on instagram.


Theme 2.1 - Going swimming In Frankfurt

„Das Stadion-Bad, ältestes Freibad Frankfurts, dürfte Fans des Splashdivings anziehen. Das ist seit ca. 10 Jahren der sportive Begriff für „Arschbombe vom Zehner“.

Theme 2.2 - Going swimming In Frankfurt

„Mehr Ruhe und Natur finden Frankfurter am Langener Waldsee. Der hat aber auch einen Kiosk und so muss niemand auf Schwimmbad-Pommes verzichten.“

Theme 2.3 - Going swimming In Frankfurt

„Wer nicht gerne im Wasser ist, der sitzt eben am Wasser, also am Main-Ufer. Allerdings nur auf der Südseite in Sachsenhausen mit Blick auf die Skyline.“

Theme 1.1 - Music

Frankfurt is proud of the city’s son Goethe, Germany’s most famous export in literature and poetry. Another famous export took it’s roots here when Frank Farian heard the song „Girl you know it’s true“ the first time in a Frankfurt discotheque and then used it as his first single for Milli Vanilli.

Theme 1.2 - Music

People new to Frankfurt are often irritated when finding out, the most popular music here is actually a dish, namely the handcheese with music, the music being a marinade of oil, vinegar and raw onions.

Theme 1.3 - Music

Frankfurt, the city of banks and the german stock market, is not really known as a city havin an affinity to music. However it was here that techno and eurodance of the 90ies made a start with Snap’s „I’ve got the power“.